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Software release -- SEGY Scout

Software release -- HEX Calculator


enerQueste provides geoscience consulting services with a focus on interpretation and analysis. Given that most of the issues in our industry are the realities of the geology, our consulting concentrates on providing an unbiased assessment of the subsurface from the data available. The work is predicated on the basis that we are the investors.

enerQueste works projects as part of an existing team or independently. Our services can be performed in your office or offsite. We listen to and address your specifications, while providing objective results. Interpretation is fun but often a challenge, since mother earth is full of surprises. Humility must play a part in the results and recommendations.


Exploration is the future of the industry and an oil company. Frequently, this effort is curtailed during low oil prices, but it does not have to be. Regional studies, speciality analysis, and similar work which is often skipped in boom times can be completed at modest cost during downturns. enerQueste can address such areas now.


Development / Producion

Development and production are currently the focus of the industry. While all companies enter this phase with a plan, it is common that production does not match the forecasted profile. Frequently, the issue is the geology, which impacts all disciplines of the development plan. enerQueste has worked fields in numerous basins.


New Ventures

Most companies use new ventures to augment their portfolio. Commonly, this effort is a small team or even just and individual. Before making a significant investment, why not seek an independent opinion. enerQueste has extensive experience in this area, particularly in certain geographic domains.


Consulting services focused on finding, developing, and producing hydrocarbons


enerQueste develops niche applications to solve common and unique geoscience problems that are overlooked in standard industry applications. Experience demonstrates that some objectives can be solved more quickly with an additional tool. enerQueste has developed various applications to address interpretation, analysis, and quantification tasks.

enerQueste specializes in developing bespoke tools to complement your standard applications. Every geoscientist encounters tasks that are not easily resolved by core software. The time consumed to complete these challenges can be considerable. If these tasks are common, why not contact enerQueste to develop a solution.


Applications are designed to address tasks common to most routines but that can be difficult to complete with many programs



Utility programs designed to examine and solve geoscience problems and challenges (e.g. binary readers with export to ascii)


Custom Development

Solve problems with tools made to your specifications (e.g. reformat data, custom workflows, proprietary format export, etc.)


Available software for downloading

SEGY Scout -- application to display key information and statistics from a SEG-Y file

HEX Calculator -- application to evaluate decimal, hexadecimal, and binary representations

Frequently Asked Questions

enerQueste provides core G&G consulting services for all phases of the industry. The primary focus is seismic interpretation and geological analysis. We have associates and parnterships to address other specialities.

The primary reasons to consider an external consultant are to enhance internal teams, to cover areas with no allocated internal resources, or to address an area with no in-house expertise. A company should rarely use external resources to tell them what to do. enerQueste is focused on working within the existing company framework to generate the objectives of the project.

Consulting services are charged on an hourly, daily, or project basis. Standard industry rates are applied dependent upon the consultant and the project. In general, the shorter the project the higher the rate independent of the consultant. Discounts may be offered for low priority or offsite projects that can be worked along side other enerQueste projects.

Most geoscientists accept and adapt to the tools provided by their company even when they know that a better solution exists or wonder why one does not. Most geoscience software today is developed by computer programmers responding to a lengthy update process with dozens of people involved in prioritizing development. Even if an idea makes the list, it is not always implemented well.

enerQueste software is developed by geoscientists for geoscientists. The objective is to provide a simple product to aid and enhance the interpretation process. If you could use a new solution, then please contact us.

The software uses a cross-platform design and can work on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems. Apple product development usually lags Windows and Linux due to its limited use in the industry. Some tools could be ported to a mobile device if there was a need.

The products are designed to be portable to minimize the hassle of the installation process on corporate computers. The objective is for the installation to make as small a footprint as possible and to be easy to remove entirely. However, if a system installer is required, then the product can be supplied with one. The products do not send any information or contain any adware.

The price of enerQueste software ranges from free to several thousand dollars depending upon the tool. Custom development is charged on a project basis with flexibility for design enhancements and includes a perpetual license.

The free products are available for download without registration requirements, but do require acceptance of the End User License Agreement (EULA).

The fee-based products do require registration and a license key for each installation. The preference is to stay away from a floating license manager and simply charge on a per install basis. However, if a company prefers fewer floating licenses, some programs can be provided with a floating license.

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