SEGY Scout

SEGY Scout is a free application that displays key information and statistics from a seg-y file. This functionality is typically used before loading a file or to review historical files without opening up an interpretation program, which may require usage of a license. The application displays the following information in tabs.

  • Ebcdic Header -- 40 lines from the the textual header
  • Binary Header -- 44 fields in the binary header
  • Trace Header -- 90 fields from selected trace header
  • Trace Min/Max -- min/max values for 16 trace header fields
  • Trace Display -- display of selected trace

All the displayed information can be saved to respective text files for further review. A detailed description from the seg-y standard is also included for the binary and trace headers. Help is available by right clicking on most buttons or windows.

A particularly useful function is to scan and display the minimum and maximum values of key trace header fields. For example, the line, trace, and XY values from standard field byte locations can be displayed. For 3D surveys, please note that the results are simply minimum and maximum values in the trace headers and will not necessarily correspond to corner points.

The program is a single executable file and can be located anywhere on your system. Currently, only a Windows 64 bit version is available, but with sufficient interest Linux and Mac versions can be made.

SEGY Scout

SEGY Scout displaying the textual header tab.

Binary and Trace Header Displays

SEGY Scout displaying the binary and trace header tabs.

Trace Min/Max and Trace Displays

SEGY Scout displaying the trace min/max and trace value tabs.

SEGY Scout v1.2 Wx64

md5sum -- 95282332a8c4934e1add92410f8ff8ae
crc32 -- ebc929dd

HEX Calculator

The EQ Hex Calculator is a tool designed to evaluate and understand the decimal, hexadecimal, and binary values for character or number inputs. Input can be entered in decimal, hexadecimal, or binary form to generate the other two formats.

The layout is divided into three principal parts: Required Settings, Decimal Numbers, and Computer Numbers. The Required Settings determine the operation to perform (e.g. 32 bit signed integer to both hexadecimal and binary representations). The Decimal Numbers area is for input of integer and floating point numbers. The Computer Numbers area is for input of hexadecimal or binary numbers and output of calculations.

The Required Settings determine what operation to perform. The Number of bytes determines the length of the variable and its numeric range. Alphanumeric characters are represented by one byte. Integer numbers are usually represented by 4 bytes, while float and double fractional numbers are represented by 4 or 8 bytes. The Data format sets the type of the input variable (e.g. IBM float). The Endian byte ordering determines the arrangement of hexadecimal and binary representations. The final setting in this area Decimal-Hexadecimal-Binary Input sets the input option. The appropriate input box is highlighted in yellow.

Numbers can be entered in a variety of formats as shown in the figure. All standard integer and floating point formats are supported.

Computer numbers are represented in hexadecimal or binary formats. Hexadecimal is a bridge between decimal and binary. The binary format is the format used in all computer computations (i.e. 1's and 0's). Hexadecimal input is entered in the Hex Input box. Binary input is entered in the Binary Input box. The output windows display results from the operations. In the case of hexadecimal or binary input, the decimal equivalent is displayed in the associated output box. By default, the operation is also printed in the Info Window.

The program is a single executable file and can be located anywhere on your system. Currently, only a Windows 64 bit version is available, but with sufficient interest Linux and Mac versions can be made.

HEX Calculator

HEX Calculator displaying processing of 32 bit integer.

HEX Calculator v1.2 Wx64

md5sum -- 2d49b0f273f83071971a046f462cd104
crc32 -- 201a196b